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A state-of-the-art intra-oral scanner will be used to take a digital impression of your tooth before your same-day crown is made.

Same-day crowns, also called chair-side crowns or CEREC crowns, are made of ceramic.

Many patients come to us requiring a missing piece of one or more teeth replacing with specially-made parts known as 'restorations'.

Using CEREC we are able to create restorations to replace larger fillings, and create in-lays, on-lays and crowns. These types of restorations usually need to be specially-made in a lab, which takes a long time (around 2 weeks) and then requires multiple visits to the dentist to have them measured and fitted.

Same-day CEREC crowns save more time as we can now create  precise restorations that perfectly fit, and have them in-place and looking completely natural in about two hours. They can also help to save more of your existing teeth, as they require less preparation and filing than needed for traditional crowns.



After your oral exam and digital x-rays, the dentist will determine if a crown is necessary.


Your dentist will prepare your tooth.


An intra-oral camera is used to take a digital image or impression of your tooth.


Based on the image, the CEREC software creates a virtual model of your tooth. The dentist uses this model to construct the tooth restoration on a screen, and passes the finished construction wirelessly to an in-practice milling machine.


A high-grade ceramic, plaque-resistant material is then milled, or manufactured, to complete your new crown by the CEREC device. You can even watch the crown being made, if you’d like!


After your dentist adds any finishing touches to the restoration, he will immediately place the crown onto your tooth. Little to no bite adjustment is needed.


Your CEREC Crown is perfectly sized, shaped, and shaded to complement your individual smile for optimal form and function.


The entire CEREC Crown process is completed in one visit!

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you might have about CEREC Same-day Crowns using the contact form below.  Alternatively you can call us during our opening  hours on  020 3602 4994.

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