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Where to get the best dental implants in London

If you’re wondering ‘where can I get high-quality dental implants near me?’, look no further. At CBC Dental, our skilled dentists offer this transformative treatment in the heart of Canada Water.

Dentistry has come a long way in the last few decades, and in 2022, we can now replace our patients’ missing teeth with incredibly realistic substitutes. Here’s everything you need to know:

Dental implants are a natural-looking for missing teeth

At CBC Dental, we make it our mission to preserve our patients’ teeth and retain the natural beauty of their smiles.

However, if one or more of your teeth are becoming loose or have already fallen out, dental implants in London are your best bet for comfort, appearance, and long-lasting results.

How do they work?

Implants consist of a small titanium rod that we surgically insert into your jawbone. This rod acts as the artificial root for your tooth, and we use it to support a crown, bridge or denture - natural replacements for teeth.

Is the process painful?

Whilst it might sound like a nail-biting procedure, patients often say their experience of getting dental implants in London isn’t anywhere near as bad as they thought!

Our friendly and professional dentists will do everything they can to put you at ease. If you’re extremely concerned about the procedure, we even offer IV sedation and local anaesthetic, which should help to reassure you.

What happens during treatment?

1. Your first consultation

If you’re searching for ‘dental implants near me’, it sounds like you’re ready to start treatment! Your first step will be to visit us for a consultation. We will assess your missing tooth or teeth, take digital 3D scans and show you what your smile could look like post-treatment.

2. Placing the implant

The next stage involves inserting the implant into your jaw. This part sounds painful, but trust us - it isn’t as bad as it might seem and will only take around an hour per dental implant.

3. Settling in

The implant then goes through osseointegration, whereby the titanium rod integrates with your surrounding jawbone. Over around three to six months, it essentially becomes a part of your body, meaning it’s a permanent and reliable solution.

4. Your new smile

Once we are satisfied that your implant has integrated, we will create a crown or other artificial tooth and attach this firmly into place on your implant. And voila! You’ve got your tooth (or teeth) back.

What are the benefits of dental implants in London?

Dental implants are one of the best examples of modern dentistry in action. They look just like your natural teeth - patients often say their friends and family can’t notice the difference! Plus, they function just like your natural teeth - you can say goodbye to problems with chewing or speaking!

Implants are more stable than bridges or dentures, as they become a permanent fixture within your jawbone. They are comfortable and sturdy, making for a stress-free experience.

Although dental implants in London are more expensive than other treatments, they offer you unparalleled value for money. They can last up to 30 years, unlike dentures which only last for around seven to ten years.

What about multiple missing teeth?

Implants are an excellent treatment to replace anything from one to a whole mouth of missing teeth. If the latter is the case, we may recommend dentures to structure your smile and prevent facial sagging.

Equally, dentures are also a solution for a single missing tooth. We will discuss your treatment options at your initial consultation and help you find the right one based on your needs.

Sounds great! So, where can I get dental implants near me?

We offer expert dental implants in London - all from our small, patient-friendly, modern dental practice located in Canada Water! And our patients are always thrilled with their results.

We are now accepting new patients and would love to welcome you to our practice! If you have loose or missing teeth and are looking for a permanent, natural-looking solution, get in touch with us to book a consultation.

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