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How to Achieve a White and Healthy Smile without Spending a Fortune

Who doesn’t want a million dollar smile? A perfectly white, glowing, wide smile that can cheer everyone around you too is a wish you definitely have hidden somewhere deep in your heart. The fact that dental treatments can get so expensive and invasive is what usually hinder a person from fulfilling this wish of theirs. But, you don’t have to worry anymore! Here are some tips you can use. Modern dentistry is now offering more than enough non-invasive or less invasive treatments that wouldn’t cost you a fortune either! Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading to ensure that this isn’t just a dream.

Short Orthodontic Treatment

The Short Orthodontic Treatment is spread over a period of 6 months or less. This sort of treatment is designed for patients who do not want to be involved in a long-term procedure. Most adults will opt out of dental treatments if they are spread over a long time. You cannot completely replace the orthodontic treatment with this shorter one because the goals of these two are rather different. The short ortho treatment makes use of invisible braces. This way even if the patient is an adult or is embarrassed of getting regular braces for whatever reason, there would be no problem. The main focus of this treatment is to help you get straighter teeth. Unlike the traditional braces that take up to 2 years on average to show results, this short treatment will perfect your smile in around 6 months.

The best part is that since it is a smaller procedure, the process will cost less. So now, if your excuse for making do with misaligned teeth was the excessive expense, ugly visible braces, or a long commitment, you have nothing more to hide behind. The short ortho treatment is the perfect solution for you!

Direct Cosmetic Restoration

When it comes to cosmetic restoration, there are a lot of misconceptions. To put things clearly out there, let’s clarify that any treatment that deals with colour improvement, shape alteration, or arrangement of the teeth is considered a cosmetic treatment in dentistry. It’s an option you can consider if you want the perfect smile without going for something that is very invasive. Cosmetic restorations can bring massive changes if that’s what you’re looking for. At the same time, they can be very minor, could take only one appointment to have the result you always wanted.

Cosmetic restorations are a perfect solution for dull or yellowed teeth. Over the years, habits like smoking, drinking, and consumption of things like coffee can cause your teeth to lose their glowing white color. Cosmetic surgeries restore this to give you a perfect smile. Along with colour treatments, direct cosmetic restorations are suitable for patients with a rather unpleasing teeth placement. If you’re not satisfied with your overlapped teeth or even if there is a gap, it can be fixed with a cosmetic surgery. The positive thing about these kinds of treatments is that they do not mess up the natural structure of the teeth. Their less invasive nature helps the patient achieve highly effective results with minimal pain or damage to their natural teeth.

CEREC Crown Treatment

There are a number of dental complications that are solved by adding a crown to the tooth. Sometimes, the crown covers only a single tooth but sometimes, it can act as a bridge for multiple teeth. Once the teeth naturally lose their inner filling of nerves and vessels, an artificial filling is added. To keep this artificial filling protected and to prevent it from leaking out and tooth fracture, a crown is added over top. The issue with crowns is that they can turn into a long procedure. Since the crown has to be custom made according to the size and shape of the individual patient’s teeth, it can take time. However, CEREC crown treatment brings a solution.

CEREC Crown Treatment is a one-time process. The use of high-tech machines allows the dentist to digitally design the crown, inlays, onlays, and veneers at the spot. Right in front of you, your dentist will make use of 3-D designing on the computer to create a high-quality ceramic crown. In less than one hour, the crown will come from inside the screen into the palm of the dentist’s hand. Not only will the scanner have helped to formulate the exact shape, the colour of the crown will be perfectly matched to the natural colour of the rest of the teeth of the patient too! Your dentist will be able to instantly polish and glaze it. Without having to pay a second visit, you’ll get a crown treatment in no time.

Teeth Whitening

Of course, white teeth are the ultimate path to a perfect smile. Everyone wants whiter teeth. This is why whitening toothpastes are pretty much the number one choice for most customers ( Not my preference). Your teeth do lose their natural white colour over the years due to simple things like eating and drinking. You don’t really have much control in this matter. This is why we offer teeth whitening options which aren’t highly invasive at all.

The most commonly used process involves the use of a whitening gel that includes peroxide bleach. This gel helps get rid of stains on the teeth. Do not worry, the bleach does not cause dental damage. This process is referred to as laser whitening since a laser is used to activate the gel. We have altered the process by using a bleach technique called POLA so that it is as less invasive as possible. (We currently are researching for new/ alternative whitening techniques which we will present to you as soon as we finalise.)

If you have ever been in doubt about your dental health or appearance in your lifetime, it’s time that you eradicate the issue and live a confident life. Be more self-assured with better teeth and the perfect smile. Do not waste your time anymore, get an appointment with a dentist and start your journey to a bright smile right away. Good Luck to all.

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