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Five reasons to get teeth whitening in South East London

Teeth whitening is one of the most cost-effective and simplest ways to transform your teeth. So if you’re looking to start 2023 off with a brighter, more confident, smile, look no further than CBC Dental Studio.

You can choose from our in-surgery or at-home treatments, depending on which option best suits you. If you’re unsure about whether whitening is the perfect cosmetic treatment for you, here are five reasons why you should consider teeth whitening in South East London:

1. Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective

You might have heard various horror stories about over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments - and rightfully so! Often, the ingredients in these products can seriously damage your enamel, leading to sensitivity. Either this, or they won’t effectively whiten your teeth.

As a private dentist, we only offer professional teeth whitening that is safe and proven to elevate the shade of your teeth. When you visit CBC Dental Studio for teeth whitening, you can rest assured your teeth are in safe hands!

2. We have chosen the best whitening system for you

For us, your safety and comfort are always paramount. We have conducted extensive research on the various whitening options available, and have carefully selected a tray-based tooth-bleaching system called POLA.

This advanced system offers you the choice of a daytime or nighttime solution, depending on your lifestyle, preference, and suitability. After all, your teeth whitening treatment should fit around your life - not the other way around!

We believe this home-based whitening treatment is the best option for our patients. In-surgery whitening often involves applying a high-strength whitening gel which is activated by a laser. With such high-intensity products, there is always a risk of burns to surrounding areas.

3. You can expect to feel like a more confident version of yourself

We use our teeth every day without fail, so a few stains here and there are to be expected! No matter how natural staining might be, we’ve seen first-hand how much self-consciousness it causes among many of our patients.

Teeth whitening is the most effective way to remove discolouration and give your teeth a new lease of life. So if you’re tired of looking in the mirror or at your smile in photos and feeling self-conscious about your teeth, whitening could be the perfect solution for you.

4. It could be more cost-effective than you first thought!

Some cosmetic dental treatments can be pricey, but teeth whitening is one of the most cost-effective of them all. Especially when you consider the stunning and long-lasting results it can produce!

We offer teeth whitening treatment with custom trays for just £270! Considering your results could last for up to three years, we think this makes it a worthwhile investment in the appearance of your smile.

5. Teeth whitening can be combined with other treatments

Perhaps you’re looking to transform your smile in more ways than one. Luckily, teeth whitening works excellently alongside other cosmetic treatments to fix several aesthetic dental imperfections and create a stunning smile makeover.

If you’re concerned about tooth wear, such as uneven surfaces, rough edges, cracks, chips, or unwanted gaps, why not consider incorporating composite bonding into your treatment? We will whiten your teeth before colour-matching composite resin to their new shade.

We will then smooth the colour-matched composite resin over your teeth and harden it into place using UV light. The result? A stunningly smooth, even, and bright new smile!

Where can I get expert teeth whitening treatment in South East London?

At CBC Dental Studio, our dentists have years of training in various cosmetic dental treatments - this includes teeth whitening! We have transformed hundreds of smiles and know what it takes to get the best results.

If you would like to see some results of our whitening treatments before proceeding, click here to view our whitening smile gallery.

Whitening is the ideal way to restore your teeth for a brighter, whiter smile in 2023! Contact us to book a consultation today.

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