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The Top 5 Understated Places To Visit In London - That Are Now Open

As you undoubtedly know a lot of attractions remain closed. So we thought we would give you a few ideas of places you can visit with your family. We have deliberately stayed clear of the bigger, more well-known attractions, in the hope of providing you with some options you may have not have considered before. So here goes:-

We think this is a very exciting way to see a movie with your family. So why not grab a blanket and experience a movie underneath the stars. 2. Mayfield Lavender Farm

With the lavender reportedly in full bloom why not head on down to the farm. Whilst the farm is only 25 acres it also includes a cafe and farm shop and some absolutely stunning photo opportunities to share. The photo opportunities are so good the owners have even set up a small competition on their website.

If you have a love of gardening and history then this is the place for you. The Museum offers a mixture of temporary and permanent exhibits along with a tower you can climb for views of the surrounding area.

With a variety of different treasure hunts available why not embrace your inner child. This is a great day out for the family that mixes problem-solving and an opportunity to explore. What more could you want?

5. Little Venice

Take some time out in this tranquil little part of the city. Here you can take a stroll, view the canal boats on their journey through London, have a spot of lunch from a takeaway cafe and see the greenery.

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